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Bedroom organisation in a busy world

Since the start of the pandemic, most of us have had to spend more time at home than we previously did. Joyous as this may have been for some, many of us looked around our spaces and felt the need to upgrade in some way. As a result, sales for homewares and home improvement goods skyrocketed, and as world leaders urged their citizens to stay at home, home improvement businesses experienced bumper sales, with online companies being the go to call for those looking to stock up on essential household goods. And this appetite for upgrading does not seem to have been satiated yet, with businesses selling homewares reporting bumper sales once lockdown restrictions were eased 
So, what has everyone been buying that was actually worth it? To keep things simple, let’s look at improvements being made within the bedroom, the area where we want to relax, unwind and recharge after a long day during these uncertain times.

Ottoman Storage and Gas Lift Beds

Like the rest of the industry, online sales of beds saw an increase in demand, particularly for beds with built in storage. With many offices and also schools now located within the home, a need arose for extra storage space to accommodate the additional supplies. Ottoman storage and gas lift beds have been all the rage, as the mattress and solid base underneath can be lifted up to reveal a storage area the size of the whole bed, minus the head and footboard. These beds have proved invaluable when drawer space has been used to store school and office supplies, where once bedding and out of season clothing once sat. 

In the image above, the Ottoman can be made to include two sections for storage instead of one. Serene Dream Beds has a variety of styles of beds that can be customised to include a gas lift or Ottoman Storage facility, whilst accommodating personal preferences such as colours, fabrics, textures, sizes and styles. Click HERE to view these options.

Storage Boxes and Pouffes

For those of us who haven’t felt the need to splurge on a new bed, Ottoman storage boxes have also been a popular addition to the bedroom. These provide the benefits of storage options for things such as clothes, books, toys and bedding, and also look stylish and sophisticated. Serene Dream Beds has a range of Ottoman storage boxes that are durable, high quality and come ready assembled, unlike the cheap flimsy alternatives sold in some stores. These storage boxes are fully handmade using the highest grade wood and upholstered in a fabric of your choice, so they can also be used as seats, coffee tables and side tables. 

Our Ottoman Storage boxes can be customised to include feet, creating a more “coffee table” look. Click here to shop the range.


Pouffes have increased in popularity recently as they add an element of elegance and sophistication to any room in the house and can be used as side tables or even coffee tables. Coming in a range of colours, Serene Dream pouffes can be fully customised to your own style and taste to compliment your room. The ornamental value is simply huge.

Mood Lighting

Ambient lighting is a must when you want to unwind at the end of a log day. For many of us finding it difficult to shut off from work tasks and be mentally present in the moment after working hours, mood lighting has been known to help speed up this transition from being in full flow to winding down.

Ceiling light fixtures and elegant table lamps help to create a cosy, relaxing mood in this bedroom, with an oversized headboard creating a luxurious effect.
Click here to view beds with oversized headboards. 
Strip lighting is all the rage now, with versatile stick-on strips that can be strategically placed around the bed to produce a focal point using indirect light. The brightness can even be controlled via app or remote control and the light colours can be changed to create just the glow and mood you want. Of course, these can be placed around the house, with the kitchen area and around the TV also being popular choices.
Lighting strips can be used to change the colour scheme within a room, and is successfully creating the “floating bed” impression in this image.

Modern cove Lighting

Discreet yet effective, cove lighting has become an essential addition for those with minimalist interiors, wishing to accentuate the shape of their rooms and draw the eye upwards. Combined with wall sconces this technique gives a sense of elegance to a room and creates a calming atmosphere.

Personalised Lights

Popular with children, these personalised wall lights can give your young ones a sense of ownership over their own space and can be controlled via USB and SMART devices to change colour and brightness. It can be ordered as a customised piece and incorporate any name of your choice, releasing the big kid in you. 

Wall Lights

There is a reason why traditional wall lights have withstood the test of time. They look classy and ooze a sense of calm that is rarely replicated by other types of fixtures. In this image above, the wall lights match the larger ceiling light, giving the room a coordinated vibe. Wall lights can come in all sorts of shapes and styles to help you create just the look you want. Click here to view footstools from Serene Dream Beds

Wall Décor

Nothing ties the furnishings together like properly thought out wall coverings. Whether this be in the form of paint, wallpaper or wall art, here are a couple of ideas that have taken 2021 by storm.


Wainscoting traditionally used solid wood but today it is often milled from plywood, plastic and MDF. It is available in a range of panel options and styles to create the décor of choice and can either be assembled from scratch or come in ready to install panels. This traditional décor option is making a major comeback and with a variety of colour options available, people are becoming more and more creative with the designs. Take a look at the image above for inspiration. The wall behind the bed features PVC panels custom made for this space, with gold seams and darker vertical panels on the side creating an expensive and modern look. 
Or why not go down the traditional look and opt for the clean and classic Victorian look. Paired with traditional wood flooring, this look is timeless and always pleasing to the eye. What’s more, the colour scheme can always be changed with a paint over, allowing you to change the look without losing the aesthetic. 

Wallpapers that were once considered too “busy” are becoming more on trend this year. People have been wanting their walls to make a huge impact, and bold designs and colours have been in vogue. Click here to view winged beds from Serene Dream Beds
Floral wallpaper
With the extra time we spend at home, we want our homes to transport us to happy places where we can feel emboldened and brave. Dramatic colours and floral prints are predicted to become the biggest trend towards the end of 2021 and into 2022, when hopefully life will bring times of peace and assurance.



Wall Art

Wall art comes in all forms and styles, and with online auction sites like Etsy on the scene, handmade, bespoke creations are readily available too.

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In the image above, a woven wall hanging featuring swimming swans compliments traditional framed art on matching walls to create a harmonised colour scheme in the bedroom. Click here to view our range of upholstered beds
And finally, for those of us with children, here is an idea for the most fun-to-decorate room in the house. Chalkboard paint creates a feature wall with an illuminating moon creating the space theme throughout the room.

 Click here to view our range of Divan beds

Whatever your style, you do you when it comes to decorating your space. One thing you can be sure of though is that Serene Dream Beds can help create your personal style with our customisable yet affordable beds that ooze quality and beauty.

























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